Sporting Life

Heritage Hunt

Deep in the North Carolina Piedmont, one man has made sure that the storied tradition of taking to the field with a pack of beagles in mad pursuit of rabbits lives on

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Best of the Sporting South: Master of the Hunt

For the painter Eldridge Hardie, his art isn't just a vocation. It's a way of life

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Conservation: The Trouble With Asian Carp

A modest proposal for the invasive species spreading through the Mississippi River basin

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Sporting Scene: Shotguns for Women Shooters

A new class of shotguns arrive as more women head to the range

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Best of the Sporting South: Top Dog

In the world of field-trialing bird dogs, there are pointers and then there are...more pointers. So when an English setter named Shadow Oak Bo won the National Championship, he sent a shock wave through the circuit. Then he did it again

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Where to Shoot Helice

Without a doubt, the sport’s U.S.-stronghold is the state of Texas

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Guide to Trash Fish

From bycatch to unusual catches of the day, a growing appreciation for underutilized seafood is changing menus across the South

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Party Like a Southerner: The Floating Duck Camp

Each fall, this movable sportsman's retreat ferries hunters into the marshlands

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2014 Good Dog Photo Contest Winners

Meet some of our favorites, including the overall winner, honorable mentions, and the top readers' choice entries from this year's contest

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Five Great Sporting Clays Courses

More than just good practice, these courses are as beautiful as they are challenging

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Alabama's Coon Dog Cemetery

Deep in the Alabama woods at the base of the Cumberland Mountains lies a cemetery like no other

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