Sporting Life

Fly Fishing's All-Star Cast

Some of the world's greatest anglers gather in the Florida Keys for a few days of instruction with some very lucky students

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G&G On the Water

A look at some of our favorite fishing images

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Alabama's Coon Dog Cemetery

Deep in the Alabama woods at the base of the Cumberland Mountains lies a cemetery like no other

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VIDEO: The Art of the Duck Decoy

Head into the shop with decoy maker Tom Boozer

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Good Dog: A Chef's Shadow

From the kitchen to the baseball diamond, Calpurnia knew her way around a plate

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Sporting Scene: Hickory Golf

A growing group of golf classicists are swapping steel for hickory

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Sandlot Baseball: Diamonds in the Rough

A free-spirited version of baseball is coming to a sandlot near you

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The House of Beretta

For half a millennium, in a small valley in Italy, one family has been producing some of the finest guns in the world

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Sporting Scene: John Isner

The reigning king of American tennis is a nice Southern boy from North Carolina

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Rick Bragg on Boys and Coon Dogs

For a group of young boys in the mountains, nothing beat the howl of a legendary coon dog

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Sea Island's Second Shot

One of the South’s earliest hunt clubs returns

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