Sporting Life

G&G Interview: Coach John McKissick

Newly retired South Carolina high school legend John McKissick, the winningest football coach in history, looks back at his storied career

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Good Dog: Mountain Showdown

In a faraway land, one dog was always on watch

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Tangled Up in Indigo

Since first encountering an indigo snake as a boy, the author has been haunted by this all-but-extinct vestige of the Southern wild, once as much a part of the landscape as the longleaf pine. For fifty years he has walked the woods in search of an indigo, with an eye to the ground and, at long last, a little help from perhaps the only group in the world trying to save them

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The Game Goes On

Forget standings and scores. In these parts, college football is about more than winning or losing

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Sporting Scene: Shotguns for Women Shooters

A new class of shotguns arrive as more women head to the range

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Best of the Sporting South: Top Dog

In the world of field-trialing bird dogs, there are pointers and then there are...more pointers. So when an English setter named Shadow Oak Bo won the National Championship, he sent a shock wave through the circuit. Then he did it again

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