A Southern Focus

And We Have a Winner

By The EditorsNovember 30, 2012

The results of our caption contest are in, and have confirmed, as usual, that we have some awfully clever readers. You all made it tough to pick just one winner.


Chris Smith’s “Do you need to borrow our tiller?” got some laughs around the office, as did David Sorrells, with “Does this hole make my butt look big?

Linda Scheeler Summers tapped into lottery mania with her submission: “Now where did I put that Powerball ticket? Hmmm…

Aliesha Tabb Roper hit another popular theme with “Headed south for the winter!

Our winner, though, was Seamus McGuinness: “Those dogs we planted in spring are finally filling in!

Seamus, send your address to editorial@gardenandgun.com and we’ll send out your new Garden & Gun hat and copy of A Million Wings. See the rest of you at the next contest!